Forest garden permablitz (with a bit of fungal fever)

A brilliant day had by all lugging wet cardboard, steaming manure and piles of wood chip to our forest garden. Using sheet mulching, we are aiming to build up new soil in this area and transform from a heap of old rubble into a healthy forest garden.  Fruit trees and shrubs planted in spring have done well, and the next stage will be to develop a perennial herbaceous and ground flora, once we have controlled weeds and enriched what little soil was there.

A hearty lunch with home made bread and soup, then drilling logs for the fungal inoculation. Hopefully in 2 -3 years we’ll be harvesting shiitake, oyster or chicken of the woods fungi.

The whole event was part of the London Permaculture Network, and a great way for us to get lots done in a day. Thanks to everyone, and watch this space!

forest garden 3 fungal fever forest garden 2 forest garden 1sheet mulching copy


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