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About us

We are a group of local people keen to get growing sustainably in this part of north Peckham. We have a range of skills and experience, and will develop the site as a resource for local people to share skills related to food and growing.

Our aims, as outlined in our constitution are as follows;

We will

  • Work with the local community to increase the understanding of healthy, local and fresh food.
  • Promote food growing, organic horticulture, permaculture and other ecological issues through skill sharing and volunteering.
  • Bring people together, building links within the community for groups and individuals.
  • Help improve the local green environment in Burgess Park and the surrounding area.
  • Help regenerate the local community, contribute to sustainable development in London and enhance the life of the park.



We have different people opening up each week – our lead gardeners / key holders who will let people know what needs doing.

Feel free to ask them what to do and they’ll direct you. Let them know if you feel you cannot do something they’ll try to find you an appropriate task.  Every volunteer gets a share of the days harvest to take home in return for their labour.

We are now a Permaculture Association Land Centre -a place to see permaculture in action.


All our meeting minutes can be found here



 Project Dirt

 London Permaculture


Twitter  @Glengall_Garden



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