Treasurer and Finance Working Group roles available

We are looking for a number of people with financial skills to join our new Finance Working group, including one person to be our named Treasurer.

Lead Food Grower & Trainee role

We're hiring - again! We're looking for a Lead Food Grower. Rate of pay: £120/dayDates: May - Nov 2019 (26 weeks delivery plus extra days for set-up/reporting - i.e. 30 weeks in total). The job will take place on ​Thursdays. We need someone with excellent food growing knowledge and experience to lead crop production at the … Continue reading Lead Food Grower & Trainee role

We’re hiring!

It's spring and we're raring to go...... Skilled Sunday gardeners needed. Our many eager Sunday volunteers who garden with us need friendly, expert gardeners who can help coordinate practical gardening activities, provide skilled guidance and oversee the sessions. Volunteers come from all backgrounds and walks of life, are of all ages and a wide variety … Continue reading We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

Want to help us support our amazing volunteers? BPFP_Volunteer Coodinator Job Vacancy Organised, inspired and passionate about community, growing, local food, sustainability and more? Part time job as our volunteer coordinator  march  - october 1 day per week.