It’s nettle time of year

Now is the time for spring greens including nettles, chickweed and other fresh bitter flavoured wild herbs. A recipe for nettle soup is here Urtica dioica, often called common nettle, stinging nettle (although not all plants of this species sting) or nettle leaf, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae. It is … Continue reading It’s nettle time of year

Spring snapshot

A lovely warm spring day of gardening - lots to do, everything getting dry quickly after months of wet weather but looking forward to a great years gardening. Bright gardeners Lovely lowly worms Peas and pea sticks Radicchios Plum blossom Pak choi in abundance Spring  buds 9 star perennial broccoli underplanted with nepalese raspberry Proud … Continue reading Spring snapshot

August abundance

winter squash and mexican sunflower Kiwis on the vine Grown in Peckham beds Millefleur  / centiflor tomato with giant truss - tomatoes small, yellow and juicy. Trombocino and callaloo More callaloo....ready to seed Infant watermelon Cape gooseberry /physalis Crystal lemons.......cucumbers!

Forest garden fertility

The forest garden has done amazingly well this summer - trees establishing well, perennial veg growing big and lush. We've harvested wineberries, apples, currants, jostaberries, goosegogs, strawberries and more. Plums & damsons nearly ripe, wild herbs, aztec spinach, fat hen and mallow adding drama and colour. It's exciting that it's working so well as it's sitting on top … Continue reading Forest garden fertility