Splendid celebrations of another great year at the garden

Cakes - saffron, beetroot, lemon drizzle, chocolate, apple and more.....mmm Firing up the cob oven Making a wobbly bird box More birdboxes.... Honey bee on a mexican marigold Dough balls to be dipped in homemade tomato salsa and chutney A bit of chalky spray paint. Burgess Parks key indicator species - this ones a blackcap. … Continue reading Splendid celebrations of another great year at the garden

We’ve been munching!

We've been out and about at Munch festival and also had a visit from Ganapati to the garden cooking up a delicious free south indian lunch with garden produce for volunteers and visitors. Delicious!  

The market stall

The market isn't a regular slot but we wanted to get out into the big wide world of Peckham and show people what we do. We got a great reception and have raised funds for the garden through the sale of plants, plant labels and flower bouquets. Saturday 5th July we'll be at Camberwell farmers … Continue reading The market stall

A veritable feast

Barbecued plantain with Rwandan chilli oil, home made Galician chorizo, salads of wild leaves, smoked cod puree, Asda trifle and numerous other home made and shop bought victuals were washed  down with lashings of iced lemonade pimms garnished with borage flowers and burnett.  A delicious day of friendly locals, sunshine and a little light gardening. … Continue reading A veritable feast

Rainy egg rolling

  Out and about on easter day despite the weather, and rolling our hen and duck eggs dyed with the following; Red cabbage = blue Turmeric = yellow Red onion skins = deep red