The garden is open again!

We are very happy to announce we are finally opening the garden to the public again! We will be open on Sunday afternoons, starting Sunday 9 August. Hopefully we will soon be able to open weekday evenings as well - so watch this space!We want to make sure you can visit the garden safely, so we … Continue reading The garden is open again!

How to do leaf printing

Specially created for our newsletter, this suitable-for-all-ages guide shares how to print using found leaves! This instructable was dreamed up by Fizzy from Benevolent Weeds, a dedicated plant-worshipper and outdoor educator from Tottenham. Benevolent Weeds is self described as “a celebration of the plant queendom’s most lovable delinquents.” They share pictures, articles, and run foraging … Continue reading How to do leaf printing

Our food growers podcast

Glengall Wharf Garden is a community-run platform based in Burgess Park centred on permaculture gardening, which harvests fresh produce for Southwark Food Bank, local cafes and restaurants.Fermentation an episode centred around the making of Kombucha, a workshop hosted by the Food Growers of Glengall Wharf. This episode features the accessibility, education and craftsmanship the garden … Continue reading Our food growers podcast

Shelter and space

cabin ˈkabɪn / noun 1.a private room or compartment on a ship. "she lay in her cabin on a steamer"   synonyms: berth, stateroom, compartment, room, deckhouse, sleeping quarters; More compartment, passenger area, passenger accommodation cab, compartment the area for passengers in an aircraft. "animals are not allowed in the cabin of the aircraft" 2.a small wooden shelter or house in a … Continue reading Shelter and space